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Phil Winters If you were king or queen or president for a day, what would you change to facilitate greater adoption of TDM by the transportation profession/policymakers?  By employers? By travelers?
Phil Winters Establishing, Revising and Administering Local Trip Reduction Ordinances webinar

Please join us on Thursday, August 8, 2013 for a discussion about the current use of trip reduction ordinances (TRO) by local government.  This free 60 minute webinar will begin at noon ET (GMT - 4:00) - 11 AM CT – 10 AM MT – 9 AM PT.  See link below.

Sara Hendricks, senior research associate with the Center for Urban Transportation Research at the University of South Florida,  will introduce and provide an overview of the function of TROs, reasons for establishing a TRO and how they can be instrumental in achieving both TDM objectives and sustainability objectives. 

Stephanie Loyka, Durham County Outreach and Trip Reduction Ordinance Administrator with Triangle Transit, will follow up with a case study example.  She will provide background on the Durham County (NC) Trip Reduction Ordinance, why it was established originally, how it initially functioned and has grown in the last 10 years.  She will discuss the processes she used to update the ordinance.  Considerations included studying best practices, updating community goals, and simplifying the language and terminology into laymen’s terms.  With the goal of customer oriented services, she aimed not only to reconstruct an ordinance to meet the County goals in the most feasible way possible, but also to meet the employers’ goals and make the process more palatable for them, paying attention to their business needs in the process. 

There is no cost.  Pre-registration is not required, however, attendees are advised to test their connections to ensure you are ready to use Microsoft Office Live Meeting.  Some may require assistance from their IT support team to install a browser plug-in.

To check your system now or join the webcast, go to:


Or use the direct link below.


For the webinar itself, you can use either computer audio or call toll free: +1 (877) 536-4294 with PIN 4705#

This webinar is part of CUTR’s bi-weekly CUTR Webcast Series.
Phil Winters Look for copies of the presentations for last week's 2013 Florida Commuter Choice Summit & Southeast TDM Symposium to be placed on www.commuterservices.com this week. Presentations included "Technology Quick Check", "Paying Commuters to Carpool", "The Effectiveness of Financial Incentives", "Sealing the Deal through Employer Recognition and Rewards", "Performance Measurement and Florida Commuter Assistance Programs", "University TDM Initiatives", and "Ridematching - Do They Have an App for That?",
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